Custom E-Learning and Narrative Design
Learning Experience Design That Converts


Multi-media, multi-tech experiences combine with narrative storytelling and gamification to engage, inform, and change behaviors. That means learners get a learning experience that is less root canal and more hot fudge sundae, and you get measurable business results.

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"I can't wait to relax, grab a glass of wine, and watch this eLearning course!"

 Said no one ever. 

But eLearning CAN be fun and engaging, as well as effective.

Our personalized, innovative, and data-driven eLearning drives engagement through story-based scenarios and characters.


Enhance learning retention.

Videos are memorable and improve recall--which is vital for learning content.  Interactive videos tell stories and take the viewer on an emotional journey that drives home key learning points. Branching scenarios offer a "choose-your-own-adventure" experience.

Story-Based  & Branched Content


Reduce churn and improve performance.

Games and gamification can sustain engagement, change behaviors, and create a culture that drives ongoing excellence.

E-Learning &

3D Animation

Games &


Increase content consumption.

The power of story, narrative design, and connection-- combined with portability and on-demand access--make podcasts a potent tool to educate and inform.

Educational, Story-Based Podcasts


Make it real.

Immersive virtual reality simulations take users on real-life experiences to solve real-life problems. Similarly, AR adds virtual elements to the real environment to guide users in navigating current surroundings.


You CAN take it with you!

Smartphones have become the go-to productivity and learning tool. They're the perfect opportunity for some quick micro-learning. In-the-palm-of-your-hand, just-in-time mobile apps ensure daily learning application and business results.

AR and VR

Mobile Apps


The Power of Narrative

Surveys showed the #1 way to reduce new hire software engineer attrition was to get them coding on their very first day on the job. This narrative game layers required onboarding activities with meaningful coding projects.

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VR/Narrative Games


Fun Facts for Engagement

Research of the company's installed base showed a high affinity for quirky, quick, offbeat "fun facts." To meet this engagement need, I created a series of "Fun Fact" consumer videos to drive audience engagement and ultimately advance brand loyalty. 

Consumer Education Videos

Product Promo Videos

Even your content needs promotional content.

Just because you write it, produce it, or create it, doesn't mean they will come. Even great content needs a promotional push so viewers will know it's available.

Product PromotionVideos


Give them real-time, immediate answers.

Intelligently-designed AI-based conversational chatbots answer questions and give instant access to relevant information--providing real-time interactions at point-of-need training.


Voice is the new user interface.

Voice is the new user interface. And with voice-driven training and interactive role playing, users spend more time with your learning content when they can talk it through with their favorite bot. Because bots are (almost) people, too.

Training Chatbots


Help them connect the dots

Information and technical user guides benefit from data visualizations that help users understand, act on, and retain information. 

    BOOKS &     E-BOOKS

Tell them a good story.

Whether if it's a fictional story used to teach a concept, a how-to e-book, or a narrative non-fiction piece to demonstrate leadership lessons, narrative writing is one of the most powerful ways to teach a concept.

Infographics & Print 

Books and E-Books


Fast, Focused, Efficient

Microsites can be a powerful tool for a specific task like promoting a product, project, or learning initiative. They can also be a great way to save money for temporary and short-lived promotions.

Learning Micro-sites