Hi! I'm Vicki Kunkel. Welcome to the online office for Digital Wits, where our team creates eLearning, mLearning and iLearning that will tickle your brain!

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Customized Solutions

We love working on all types of eLearning projects—from mobile educational apps, corporate MOOCs and data-driven personalized eLearning to long-term, deeply immersive 3D simulation projects. Branded consumer education programs and interactive graphics are also some of our specialties. What do you need?

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Mobile Learning

You have sales people in the field who need access to training on tablets. Maybe a vendor needs product training on his or her smartphone. Or consumers need help learning how to use your new product. No worries! I have created mLearning solutions for all devices and platforms (Android and iOS), and can do the same for you!

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Some of my clients


The Top Five Mistakes of Mobile Learning and How to Avoid Them. Download Now

Why Hire Us?

Everything we do is based on four principles: Sound instructional design theories, best-practices in human-computer interactions, the latest in cognitive research, and fun. We blend those elements in just the right way to give you eLearning that educates, entertains, changes behavior and improves the bottom line.

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Interactivity Options

What do you want your learners to do? What are the learning outcomes you need from your eLearning program? Those questions drive the type and level of interactivity. Choose from four different levels of learner engagement to find the solution that best fits your learning outcomes.

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Rapid Development

Sometimes you just need to get an eLearning or mobile learning program out the door. I use a variety of rapid development tools for those projects that require less interactivity and a quick turn-around time.

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