An FDA inspector in a lobby is never a good thing.

Brandon Morrow is a new security officer who’s well-trained in handling criminals, threats, and standoffs. What he’s not prepared for is a visit from regulatory inspector Tom Atom. Brandon’s mission is to get Inspector Atom out of the lobby as soon as possible, to prevent the Columbo-like sleuth from nosing around too much—possibly uncovering damaging information. In this interactive graphic novel, Brandon gets conflicting advice from his two security-guard co-workers, and it’s up to you to show Brandon the best way to handle the inspector, without raising any red flags. 



THE COMPANY: MedImmune, a Biotech company.


PROJECT TYPE:  Interactive "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Graphic Novel. 


THE PREMISE:  Newbie security officers were often intimated by unannounced FDA inspections. Because of that, they sometimes allowed the investigators to either sit in the lobby or walk around campus unattended. The goal of this exploratory graphic novel course was to help security officers know what to do when an FDA investigator arrived unannounced.

THE EXPERIENCE:  The outcome of the story is different for each choice the user makes. 

THE RESULT:  This course had the highest user participation rate, and highest satisfaction ratings of any voluntary course within the company! The graphic novel was so well received by the Head of Security and his direct reports that the security department requested myriad additional programs created in a similar style.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the Graphic Novel

-- Copy writing (course description)

-- Original concept 

-- Script writing 

-- Storyboarding

-- Graphic design concept and layout

-- UX and UI design and programming

-- Data analytics and reporting

-- Sourcing and oversight of illustrator

-- Project management

-- Budget  management


-- Articulate Storyline 3

-- Google Analytics

-- Frameforge Storyboard Studio

-- Photoshop