What makes your heart beat faster than the eyelids of a flirt? It's De-Stressing Sam Hugo!

Put a scientist in a lab and ask him to do complex formulations? No problem. Have her work on a life-saving biotech discovery? Piece of cake. But ask scientists to take part in an FDA regulatory inspection interview and terror strikes--causing many to blurt out damaging statements to the investigator.

In this parody of an FDA inspection interview, presentation-queasy Clinical Ops Specialist Sam Hugo is put through the ringer by shrewd FDA investigator Dustine Duncan. Will Sam overcome his glossophobia and outwit the clever Dustine? Or, will the sagacious investigator have Sam tripping over his tongue so much that he face-plants the entire interview? That’s up to you as you make choices that control the outcome of the movie. Play as either FDA Investigator Dustine Duncan or MedI Clinical Operations Specialist Sam Hugo.



THE COMPANY: MedImmune, a Biotech company.


PROJECT TYPE:  E-Learning. (Game-based interactive movie.) 


THE PREMISE: “De-Stressing Sam Hugo" is an interactive, game-based parody movie of an FDA inspection interview. The chose-your-own-adventure, story-based scenarios help learners prepare for a real FDA inspection interview. A total of 16 path choices on each branch (Sam Hugo and Dustine Duncan) result in 32 total scenarios to explore.


THE EXPERIENCE: Players take on the role of either presentation-queasy Clinical Ops Program Manager Sam Hugo, or shrewd FDA investigator Dustine Duncan. The goal of the player is to keep Sam Hugo calm, effectively answer questions, and avoid arousing any suspicion by the investigation. Heart rate, blood pressure and emoticon monitors change to show how the user's decisions impact Sam's stress--and his answers to the investigator's questions.

THE RESULT:  Improved player comfort level  with inspections, and improved outcomes of FDA inspection interviews. 


-- Branding

-- Original concept

-- Script writing

-- Storyboarding

-- Instructional design

-- Instructional development

-- Illustrations

-- JavaScript programming

-- Video Producer

-- Video Director

-- Video editing/post production

-- Sourcing, hiring and managing professional on-camera talent and camera crew

-- Internal marketing

-- Copy writing (Course description)

-- Project management

--Budget oversight and management


-- Articulate Storyline 3

-- Premiere Pro

-- Adobe Audition

-- Photoshop

-- JavaScript