An Augmented Reality App That Can

Save Lives

Fire evacuation safety in the palm of your hand.

Minutes matter during an emergency. That's why the client commissioned me to create a mobile fire evacuation safety app to reduce the confusion associated with evacuating multi-level buildings.



THE COMPANY: A name-brand media company.


PROJECT TYPE: Augmented Reality mobile app.

THE PREMISE: Design a Pokemon-Go!-like augmented reality safety app where geo tags or GPS would identify the location of the user, provide contextual information, and guide the user to safety.

THE EXPERIENCE:  When an emergency occurred, the Security office would activate via push notification the Evacuation App. Once activated, GPS would identify the user's location, the location of the fire, and populate the safest and fastest evacuation route. Using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technology, an animated firefighter would appear on screen to guide the user to safety. Users simply viewed their phone screen to see prompts such as the nearest exit, nearest fire extinguisher, or nearest first-aid kit.

THE RESULT:  Emergency evacuation times during safety drills decreased by six minutes.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the product.

-- Original product concept

-- Visual design and layout

-- Graphic design 

--UI and UX design and programming

-- Wireframing

-- Data analytics

-- Copy writing (App description and promotions)

--Budget oversight and management

--Project management


-- Photoshop

-- Google Analytics

-- Google Search Console

--3DS Max



-- Axure 

-- Sketch