NOTE:  Due to proprietary information contained in the produced (audio) version of the podcast, I am unable to share the audio file. However, you can view the script where confidential information such as the company and the drug name were redacted.



THE COMPANY: An international pharmaceutical company.

PROJECT TYPE:  Story-based podcast in a cozy mystery genre.


THE PREMISE: Create, write, and produce a series of “Five Minute Mysteries”  under the umbrella “Compliance Theater.”  The goal was to reduce the number of FDA clincial trial violations from various root causes such as poor SOP documentation to not adhering to Good Lab Practices (GLPs).

THE EXPERIENCE:  Each episode focused on real FDA regulatory violations, using based-on-fact company cases. The mix was just enough fact (from the actual violations) and just enough fiction (in fake cases) to keep the stories interesting, yet accurate. The series was written in a style that could best be described as a cheeky parody of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater series of the mid-’70s and early ‘80s--complete with spooky sound effects and a voice talent with a Stacy Keach-like delivery. The outcome of the story is different for each choice the user makes. 

THE RESULT:  Other than listeners becoming completely engrossed in the story because of the active detective role they took on, this pharma giant reduced its FDA violations to ZERO after the Compliance Mystery Series was launched. (The previous FDA inspection resulted in more than a dozen violations.)


My broadcast background came in handy on this project! I wrote, directed, produced, and edited the entire series.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing

-- Copywriting (promotional poster copy and course description)

-- Original concept 

-- Scriptwriting 

-- Storyboarding

-- Promotional poster layout and design (The poster is the image at the top of this page.)

--Audio editing and sound effects

-- UX and UI design and programming

-- Data analytics and reporting

-- Sourcing voice talent.

-- Project management

-- Budget  management


-- Audition

-- Google Analytics

-- Photoshop

--Alexa platform

--Storyline chatbot programming app