Getting Paid Should Be Easy

Note: Demo edited and navigation controlled to preserve confidential client information.

Where’s my money? Why didn’t I get paid? When do I have to use the  company time reporting tool? When do I have to file timesheets? How and where do I report project time and non-project time? These are all questions with which new hires grapple. Pathway to Payday will show you the money and how to make sure your paycheck is never delayed again.



THE COMPANY: A pharmaceutical company.

PROJECT TYPE: Interactive tool.


THE PREMISE: Provide a personalized interactive tool for new hires to use to determine where and how to properly report their project and non-project time.

THE EXPERIENCE:  A whimsical, fast-paced interactive desktop app that takes users on a personalized  road trip from project reporting to payday.

THE RESULT:  Thirty-seven percent fewer angry calls to Payroll  from disgruntled employees saying, "Where's my money?!"


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the product.

-- Original product concept


-- Storyboarding

-- Visual design and layout

-- Graphic design 

--UI and UX design and programming

-- Instructional design

-- Instructional development

-- Data analytics

-- Copy writing (Course description and promotions)

--Budget oversight and management

--Project management


-- Articulate Storyline 3

-- Photoshop

-- Google Analytics

-- Google Search Console

--3DS Max