"My Guide GPS" helps new hires navigate their first 90-days on the job--and improves employee retention in the process.



THE COMPANY: A biologics company.

PROJECT TYPE: Mobile app.

THE PREMISE: Help employees through their first 90-days on the job, with the goal of increasing retention of new hires. 

THE EXPERIENCE:  The app included a resource of daily to-do lists, helpful contacts, chat channels, a geo-location feature and a searchable acronyms list. Helped new hires find their way around campus with GPS navigation assistance to locate specific departments, buildings, and other important places (like the cafe, meeting rooms, and the nearest restrooms!). Other features included:

•A Facebook-like event feed that allowed users to post "check-ins" as they arrived at meeting rooms and social gathering places such as the cafes.

•A “Where’s [insert employee name]?” treasure-hunt app-based game encouraged new hires to seek out and interact with a different employee from a different department each week. This feature also served to help employees find where specific individuals sit -- either their offices or their open work spaces.

RESULTS: Improved retention of new hires by providing an easy-to-follow 90-day onboarding plan with daily activities to ease new employees into their new roles and the corporate culture.


-- Branding

-- Original app concept

-- Chatbot script writing

--UI and UX design

-- Data analytics





--Google Analytics