The App That Beat Google

I design content products first and foremost to be effective and meet business objectives. But it's always nice when my apps win awards, too.

Such is the case with the Leadership Development app, which won first place in Training Magazine's Mobile Experience Design Competition. I'm especially proud of this achievement given the stiff competition--including apps submitted by leading, high-powered elearning agencies and brand-name companies like Google. (Google's app placed second in the competition.)

A simple, intuitive user interface, coupled with technological advances like Artificial Intelligence and content personalization not only made this app a contest winner, but also a winner with the company for the business issues it addressed.



THE COMPANY: A large, international pharmaceutical company.


PROJECT TYPE:  Mobile app to deliver innovative learning experiences to high-potential (HiPo) leaders within the company.


THE PREMISE: Design an interactive, multi-media “leadership fitness app” for managers and VPs that would assess leadership performance on business and strategy objectives.The app's primary purpose was to ensure daily and ongoing implementation of concepts learned in a classroom leadership course.


THE EXPERIENCE: An artificial intelligence-based "intelligent tutor" personalized daily recommendations based on the user's daily performance and business goals. A social component and a real-time gamification component added a "fun factor" to enhance engagement. Data analytics tracked user actions and daily business accomplishments, as well as app usage and engagement.  

THE RESULT:  Leaders and managers met or exceeded 12% more of their objectives than they had prior to using the app.


-- Branding and internal marketing of the app

-- App UI and UX design 

-- Interaction design prototyping and wire-framing

-- Data analytics and reporting (For app usage and to identify improvements to the user experience.)

-- Sourcing and management of app programming vendor

-- Budget  management and oversight


-- Google Analytics

-- Axure 

-- Sketch