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How many times have you listened to a podcast, got great info, but was left vague on how to actually implement it in your business? 

I thought so. 

You "listened." Then "left." And you were left with nothing useful to your business!

This isn't just a "listen-and-leave" podcast. Nooo. We use our podcast to apply Instant-Appeal factors to specific businesses! That's why when you sign up for our podcast, you can request to have YOUR business be featured on the podcast. We'll tell you which Instant Appeal factors would work best for your website, your presentation style, your product packaging and your marketing. Then, we take questions from listeners to help them apply the techniques to their businesses. 

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What are Instant Appeal factors?

Instant Appeal factors are the eight scientifically-validated primal factors that make people love certain products, people, politicians, songs, movies and TV shows, and loathe others. They are the counterintuitive "it" factors for business success. In short, it is the science of mass appeal and explains why Oprah and Harry Potter are popular, and why--despite strong detractors--Donald Trump won the 2016 election. It's why consumers think Amazon is amazing, but dismiss other competitors with similar offerings and approaches. 

Ready to have your business become Instantly Appealing?