When was the last time you looked forward to compliance training?


Yeah. I thought so.

Mention "compliance training" and most people groan with dread.


We wanted to change that.

We wondered: What would happen if we treated regulatory compliance content like consumer content? In other words, we'd create a portal where the content had to be so fun, engaging, interactive and useful to end users that they would voluntarily make time to take compliance training? In short, we had to EARN users' time and attention--just like consumer education portals.

AWARD WINNER: First place in gamification portal design, awarded by Training Magazine.



THE COMPANY: MedImmune, a Biotech company.


PROJECT TYPE:  Gamification compliance education portal.


THE PREMISE: Create a gamified, voluntary compliance education portal that would function like consumer education content portals where user engagement was earned--not requried--and where data analytics would track user behavior. All portal content was to be personalized to users, based on user gamer personality profiles.


THE EXPERIENCE: Users would subscribe to the portal, called "BioBend," create a gamer profile, and have personalized content returned to them that matched their gamer personality. Players earned points for each game, and a leaderboard showed players with the top scores. Users provided feedback through a Yelp-like rating system for each game played.

THE RESULT:  Voluntary subscriptions to the portal increased 142% year over year, and the portal retained 92% of users


-- Branding and internal marketing of the portal (Including company internal Facebook page)

-- Portal asset design and concept

-- Portal UX and UI design and wire-framing

-- Interaction design prototyping

-- Data analytics and reporting

-- Storyboarding for courses

-- Instructional design, development and programming of all portal content/courses

-- Vendor hiring and contract management (back-end portal programming and portal hosting)

-- Project management

-- Budget  management


-- Google Analytics

-- Axure 

-- Sketch

-- Articulate Storyline 2 and 3 (Course Content)

-- Premiere Pro (Video Content)