Games and Gamification

From fully functional and complex gamification portals with leaderboards and social components to quest-based narrative stories and Wii-like gesture recognition "physical action" games that give you a workout, we've done it all. Check out a few of our samples below--and even play a few games! Be sure to scroll to see all samples.



That drives business results.

When was the last time you looked forward to compliance training?
Yeah. I thought so.

Mention "compliance training" and most people groan with dread. But our FDA regulatory compliance gamification portal changed all that, and resulted in increased compliance training engagement--and a substantial reduction to FDA violations.

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Is your discovery patentable, or just patently absurd?

Ureka! You’re working in the lab and you happen upon a new idea, new invention, or new process. But you wonder: Is your discovery patentable? Is it genius or weird? Has someone else already thought of this? Under what circumstances can you patent a discovery that someone else made before you? Can I Patent This? takes you on a journey to answer those perennially perplexing questions!

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Game-Based Assessment

The devious talking cat has one mission: to stalk and snigger as you choose your avatar, try to unlock the secret vault, take on the role of regulatory investigator, and solve cases of serious clinical trial breaches. Your only shield against the cat: a washed-up former inspector who had one too many run-ins with that frenzied feline. Can you solve the cases and avoid a CAT-astrophe? Or, will your career as an inspector come to a “breaching halt”? 



The Game of Britishisms vs. Americanisms

What happens when you have American and British workers who don't understand slang terms for each country? Hilarious misunderstandings!

In this game of international communication intrigue, players earn points when they identify the real meaning behind "Britishisms" and "Americanisms."

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Video Game

Can you SMASH the invading cancer cells?

"CancerSmash" gives you the power to kill invading cancer cells before they reach the healthy cells, while teaching you how a new drug protects healthy cells and kills off cancer cells.

Click the video to view the demo.