Brain health recipes personalized for you.

Artificial Intelligence drives the personalization of this app.



THE COMPANY: None. This was a personal passion project.

PROJECT TYPE: AI-based brain food app.

THE PREMISE: Design a healthy food app that used artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized recipes based on the user's medical needs (such as a heart-healthy or diabetic-friendly), dietary preferences (savory or sweet, Italian or Asian, etc.), and time constraints (available time to prep and cook a meal).

THE EXPERIENCE:  Over time and with increased usage, the app "learns" the user preferences and automatically populates user-preferred recipes. (The app also has a shopping-list component, so "Max"--the friendly chatbot-- knows what ingredients are on-hand based on what was checked off the shopping list.) In addition, "Max" gives personalized, conversational feedback such as, "I like Italian food, too! It's so tasty! Here's a recipe that won't send your glucose skyrocketing, but still gives you those yummy carbs!" In addition to the app design and development, I also wrote all of Max's responses.

THE RESULT: During our test marketing, a Chicago-based food company got wind of the app and made me an offer to buy it to use as a content marketing tool for their company.   


-- Branding

-- Original app concept

-- Chatbot script writing

--UI and UX design

-- Data analytics





--Google Analytics