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Are you that boss?

Ahhh. You've just been promoted. Now, you're the boss. The head honcho. The one running the show.

You're over the moon--until you realize that, as the boss, when the stuff hits the fan, it's your fan and you're cleaning it!  And your first "fan" incident is your first disciplinary discussion with an associate.

What do you say? How do you say it? How do you walk that fine line between being supportive and too harsh? How do you avoid being that boss--the one everyone loves to hate? Feedback Fiasco will show you what not to do--and how to gently guide associates through a productive feedback discussion.



THE COMPANY: A west-coast tech company.

PROJECT TYPE:  Micro-learning.

THE PREMISE: Newly-hired first-time managers fell into two extremes: Either they avoided giving employees performance and behavioral feedback because they just weren't sure how to do it, or they were gruff and bossy. They also struggled with understanding the difference between in-the-moment feedback, one-on-one coaching, and corrective action discussions.

THE EXPERIENCE:  This was the first in a trilogy of programs on feedback, coaching,and corrective action. It was intended as an information-only program that would be followed up with one-on-one in-person coaching from their superiors.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the trilogy

-- Original concept and script

-- Storyboarding

-- Visual design and layout

-- Graphic design 

--UI and UX design and programming

-- Instructional design

-- Instructional development

-- Data analytics

-- Copy writing (Course description and promotions)

-- Budget oversight and management

--Project management


-- Articulate Storyline 360

-- Photoshop

-- Google Analytics

--Plotagon animation software