Corrective Disciplinary Action is Alive!

But it's not out to get you. 

Performance Management gets such a bad rap. Just ask Patti,  a corporate corrective action policy personified and come to life in this podcast.


Patty feels misunderstood and just wants to live up to her potential.

Oh…and she also wants you to know she’s really not out to get you.



THE COMPANY: Corporate Retail

PROJECT TYPE:  Educational Podcast


THE PREMISE: Create, write, and produce a tongue-in-cheek podcast where the inanimate corporate corrective action policy comes to life. 

THE EXPERIENCE:  What can you do when employees don't understand the company's Corrective Action policy, and don't know when to use coaching, feedback or corrective action? Have Patti, the personified corrective action policy, explain it all form her point of view as she comes to life and is interviewed!

THE RESULT:  Prior to this "It's Alive!" podcast, managers had to wade through cumbersome, mind-numbing documents detailing how and when to use corrective action, feedback, and coaching. As you might suspect, few actually read all of these documents, which resulted in mis-using the corrective action policy. After this podcast, complaints to HR about misuse of the policy were greatly reduced, and managers' survey responses indicated a complete understanding of the policies.


My broadcast background came in handy on this project! I wrote, directed, produced and edited the podcast.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing

-- Copy writing (promotional poster copy and course description)

-- Original concept 

-- Script writing 

--Audio editing and sound effects

-- Data analytics and reporting

-- Sourcing voice talent.

-- Project management

-- Budget  management


-- Audition

-- Google Analytics