Preparing for real-life challenges with virtual reality.

The only thing missing is the smell.

Sometimes, you just have to be in the real environment to fully learn and comprehend the finer points of a process or activity. Teaching insurance claims adjusters how to assess the real extent of fire damage is one of those times. But field trips to burned-out homes isn't realistic. Enter virtual reality.



THE COMPANY: A national insurance company.


PROJECT TYPE:  Virtual reality simulation.


THE PREMISE:  The 4.2 million acres burned in the 2020 California fires are the most in a single year since CalFire began keeping records, and more than the previous three years combined. The client had more than 9,000 insured homes damaged by the fire. That left the insurance company scrambling to quickly hire--and train--field claims adjusters to assess moderate-to-severe complexity claims under little to no supervision. A  real-life simulation environment was needed to upskill these new hires quickly and effectively. 


THE EXPERIENCE: Users navigated through each room of a home, initially guided by onscreen tips. As the tour progressed, learners were on their own, with tips replaced by questions to assess the observational skills of the learner, as well as his or her ability to apply the tips learned earlier. (The demo above was edited to remove many of the proprietary informational and questioning content. In the full version, actual claims forms were populated in the VR environment and filled out by the user as s/he walked through each room.)

THE RESULT:  Within two months, 346 claims adjusters were hired, trained with the VR simulation, and placed in the field.


-- Instructional design and development.

-- 360 photography, including image stitching.

-- Creating the virtual reality environment and in-sim navigation from the assets provided by the client.

--Storyboarding and wireframing.

-- Project management

-- Budget management


-- Panono 360 camera, 16K (resolution)

-- Audition (SFX editing from raw sound)

-- Captivate 2019