Are you smarter than a kitty cat?

Note: Demo edited and navigation controlled to preserve confidential client information.

The devious talking cat (as in CAT-astrophe) has one mission: to stalk and snigger as you choose your avatar, try to unlock the secret vault, take on the role of regulatory investigator, and solve cases of serious clinical trial breaches. Your only shield against the cat: a washed-up former inspector who had one too many run-ins with that frenzied feline. Can you solve the cases and avoid a CAT-astrophe? Or, will your career as an inspector come to a “breaching halt”? Play this interactive game to find out if you can outsmart the cunning cat! !



THE COMPANY: A pharmaceutical company.

PROJECT TYPE: Interactive knowledge assessment


THE PREMISE: Post-course knowledge assessments are often dry, dull, and boring. The task was to create a game-based interactive assessment that was a bit irreverent and humorous.

THE EXPERIENCE:  Players try to earn points against the cat as they make decisions about regulatory breaches in various clinical cases. 

THE RESULT:  A 14% increase in the number of regulatory breaches that were correctly identified as reportable or non-reportable.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the game

-- Original game concept and script

--3D animation, face-morphing and lip synching of image to voice over track

-- Storyboarding

-- Voice over talent. (Yes. That's my voice. I used audio manipulation software to transform my female voice into a male voice.)

-- Visual design and layout

-- Graphic design 

--UI and UX design and programming

-- Instructional design

-- Instructional development

-- Scoring programming

-- Data analytics

-- Copy writing (Course description and promotions)

--Budget oversight and management

--Project management


-- Articulate Storyline 3

-- Photoshop

-- Google Analytics

-- Google Search Console

--3DS Max