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Everything starts with solid writing. Here are just a few samples of books, e-books and articles written and designed for clients, consumers, news outlets, and publishers.


E-Books That Increased Site Engagement by 41%, and sales by 28%.

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THE COMPANY: Classes and Careers, a portal to help people  prepare for a better career by giving them helpful online degree information and connecting them with partner accredited online colleges.   (

PROJECT TYPE:  Lead-generation content.

THE PREMISE: Create a series of e-books to help students with earning an online degree.

THE EXPERIENCE:  E-books were digitally posted on the Classes and Careers portal, and digitally downloaded by site visitors.


THE RESULT:  A 41% increase in site engagement--specifically with e-book downloads--and a 28% increase in online course purchases directly from those who had downloaded the e-books.


-- Writing.

--Topic research.

--Subject matter interviews.

--Infographic design and creation.

-- Original product concept

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When Instant Appeal debuted, theHouston Business Journal named it "One of the top ten business books to read for anyone in marketing, sales, or a job that requires persuasion."

Breakfast Serial won first place out of 794 submissions in an international novel writing contest.



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