What do you get when a syringe-wielding pill-with-an-attitude meets a by-the-book inspector? A comical exploration of regulatory breaches!*

In this animated short, Bo is the clinical trial drug personified and the good inspector is there to teach Bo a thing or two about how to identify and report serious trial breaches.

* This video has been edited down to due to length and to remove confidential information.



THE COMPANY: Biotech company.


PROJECT TYPE:  Animated video short. 


THE PREMISE: Create a Pixar-like animated video with a strong, humorous storyline to simply explain the complex topic of regulatory breaches. This video is designed to be an informational precursor to the “Regulatory CAT-astrophe” interactive game where users get to decide whether clinical trial breaches are reportable or not to the regulatory agencies.

THE EXPERIENCE:  Viewers are taken on a journey of a clinical trial and the breach reporting process from the vantage point of the clinical trial drug, Bo.

THE RESULT:  The video received a 98% positive five-star review from the 800+ viewers, and 97% of viewers watched the video in its entirety (3% abandonment rate).


-- Branding and internal marketing of the video

-- Original concept and script

-- Storyboarding

-- Graphic design concept

-- Animation Director

-- Video Producer

-- Data analytics and reporting

-- Sourcing and oversight of animation developer

-- Copy writing (Course description)

-- Project management

-- Budget  management


-- Google Analytics

-- Frameforge Storyboard Studio

-- Storyline 3 (for LMS recording)

-- Photoshop

-- 3DS Max

-- Final Cut