Alexa proves a valuable coach in FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) protocols

How scientists in one medical diagnostics lab improved performance and reduced errors using custom-created Alexa Lab Skills



THE COMPANY: A medical diagnostics lab.

PROJECT TYPE: Voice-activated protocol chatbot.

THE PREMISE: Provide lab scientists with an easier, more efficient method to adhere to lab protocols.


  • Using a secure sign-on, scientists would activate the chatbot with a wake command.

  • Scientists would launch the protocol with a command (such as, "Alexa, launch the FISH 947 Protocol).

  • Alexa would confirm requests, and ask for next steps. (For example, Alexa would say, "Here's the protocol. Let me know when you're ready for Step 1. The scientist would say, "Lauch Step 1," and Alexa would define the first incremental step, asking the scientist to let Alexa know when s/he was ready for Step 2." Scientists could ask for clarification and additional information for each step as needed.

THE RESULT: The first lab protocol was so well received, the company asked me to design skills for 10 protocols. Lab errors decreased by 19% using the Alexa Lab protocol skills.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of chatbot skill

-- Original app concept

-- Chatbot script writing

-- Data analytics

-- Budget oversight and management

-- Project management

-- Created initial  chatbot skill protocol using Storyline (Not Articulate Storyline, but Storyline for Alexa Sklls, which is a completely different product/app.)



-- Storyline for Alexa Skills