Personal Safety for the Digital Age

It's like a guardian angel in your pocket.



THE COMPANY: A large regional utility company.

PROJECT TYPE: Safety app for utility workers. The goal was to reduce deaths and serious injuries to substation and line workers.

THE PREMISE: Help utility line workers identify work site hazards in real time, and establish a "safety buddy" network for each job.


  • Using AR and assisted GPS technology, utility line workers get live, up-to-date alerts about potential hazards the moment they step into the work environment.

  • Users hold up their phone to scan the work site, and hazard markers populate to show potential hazards.

  • Users click on a “hazard marker” to receive more detailed information, such as an MSDS or safety protocols.

  • Users can activate a continuous-monitoring safety mode. This feature periodically asks the utility worker if he or she is safe; if the worker doesn’t respond  within a time frame specified by the user,  the app alerts the “Watch My Back Buddies” network, which includes another field worker who is geographically closest, as well as the corporate Safety Manager. Geotags automatically identify the closest worker to the user’s location.

THE RESULT: Zero deaths (a decrease over the past safety metrics) and an 83% reduction in serious injuries after the app was launched and used in the field by repair technicians.


-- Branding and Internal Marketing of the app

-- Original app concept.

-- Visual design and layout

-- Graphic design 

--UI and UX design

-- Data analytics

-- Writing (app content)

--Budget oversight and management

--Project management

--Selection and management of programming vendor


-- Photoshop

-- Google Analytics

--Axure wireframing tool