About Us

We are a group of wildly passionate, creative people who are all about….YOU!

We’re focused on two things:

1. Getting you the measurable, observable results you need from eLearning, and

2. Making your eLearning something people want to take, instead of have to take.

E-learning isn’t  about content. It’s about performance improvement, revenue generation and brand building. Our six full-time staffers, and cadre of a dozen contract specialists know how to make training “stick,” so you get the behavior change you need.

But just because eLearning has to be effective doesn’t mean it should be like a root canal.

We make your training less root canal and more Hollywood blockbuster. And we make it “real life.” Through realistic branched simulation and problem-solving challenges that learners face in their day-to-day jobs we create training that gets people intersted AND gets results.

What we believe and what we do.

We believe learning should be fun and effective and result in real behavior change. We accomplish that through real-life immersive simulation environments and interactive problem-solving exercises that give learners a chance to practice making decisions and solving real problems. Gaming and 3D avatars that recognize inputs from the learner add to the fun, and mobile applications allow for just-in-time learning delivery. Learning isn’t about an information dump; it’s about behavior change. And that’s what our programs accomplish.

What we bring to the table: Breadth and depth of experience.

DigitalWits has been in business (through various name changes) for 18 years. (The company started as a media and executive presentation skills training organization.) Since 2001, we have focused exclusively on eLearning.

In addition to a thorough grasp of adult learning methodologies, sound pedagogy, and best practices in human-computer intearction, our team members have other experiences that contribute to our effectiveness. They include:

  •  Television news and broadcasting experience. We know how to “write to video” and tell a story with visuals in a short time frame.  Need a podcast as a learning solution? We have former radio personalities and audio engineers on staff, too.
  •  Voice over talent.  Our male and female voice talents can do “normal” voice overs for training, but they can also add the fun of character voices to your eLearning.
  • Programming knowledge. JavaScript, Flash, and Silverlight programmers can make your eLearning program do things that can’t be done with off-the-shelf rapid development tools.
  •  Industry connections. We have myriad partners in the eLearning industry–everything from gamification platform developers, LMS consultants, and eLearning software developers. That means we can accommodate any solution you may need.

So, why are all those experiences important to YOU?

Great instructional design starts with sound pedagogy, but is reliant on solid storytelling, graphic design, animation, writing and creativity. Our  varied experiences result in a one-of-a-kind approach to eLearning, which means YOU get a more unqiue, creative, EFFECTIVE end product. You also get the skills and talents in one company. And that saves you money!

Yeah, but….What the heck is a “Digital Wit”?

Glad you asked! A Digital Wit is someone who understands how adults learn in the digital world. It’s someone who knows the best content and design practices when it comes to human-computer interactions. It’s someone who knows how instructional design for eLearning is different from instructional design for the classroom.  It’s someone who has a solid grasp of cognitive behavior. It’s someone who “gets” that the only true digital content is interactive content.

A Digital Wit geeks out when creating custom eLearning or branded consumer content that engages, entertains and educates. It’s someone who stays current with current digital content trends. It’s someone who lives to create immersive, interactive digital educational experiences that improve productivity, increase sales, and drive revenues.

That’s who we are.  We get jazzed by creating fun and interactive content that changes behavior.

Meet a Digital Wit today. Reach out and send us a few bytes.

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