Rapid Development

Rapid DevelopmentIf you have a tight development time, you have two choices: (1) Hire an outside vendor to create the content, or (2) Find a solution that allows your in-house instructional design team to develop high-quality, high-interaction programs quickly.

We can help with both options. First, we can take your existing content and create an online program in an expedited timeline, depending upon the level of interactivity you need, the level of tracking required, and the length of the program.

Alternately, we can create a highly interactive template—complete with Level 3  interactions—that will allow your team to use a tool such as Storyline or Captivate 8 to simply drop the content into the template. With this solution, your in-house team can not only create the initial program quickly, but can update programs as needed – without the help of an outside vendor.

So, if your eLearning development deadlines are freaking you out, let us take your stress away. Call us today to find a solution that will get your project finished on time, on budget, and with no stress for you!