Our Process

Do you hear that?


That’s the sound of our team of instructional designers, developers, mobile app creators and writers listening. And that’s the first step in our development process.

When we  meet with you we listen – really listen — so we can completely understand your business objectives, the behavior changes you need from your audience, your budgetary requirements, the stakeholders involved and your deadlines.

Then, we do a detailed gap analysis and assessment to ensure I’m solving the right problem, and offering the right solution.

After that, we go off and create a detailed design document that details every single design and content element, the project management plan, timelines and milestones, and specific “learning events” such as simulations, gaming, avatar interactions, case studies and branched scenarios.

When you and your team have approved the design document, we create a short prototype so you can see exactly what the finished program will look like. That means before we even begin development on the final product, you will know the navigation, layout, design, content, color scheme, simulations, case studies, general pacing and tone of the course, the look of the avatars (if used) and the voice talent (if used).

Ahhh. Isn’t it nice not to have nasty surprises?