How do we tickle brains?

At DigitalWits, take a “Holistic Mind” approach to  eLearning development

How adults learnHumans learn differently in different environments. The human brain responds to stimuli one way when in a classroom, another way when in front of a computer, and yet another way when on a mobile device. Our eLearning and mobile learning designs carefully incorporate those subtle differences in cognitive processing into the final product so that you get the behavior change you want and need.

To get lasting behavior change an eLearning program must stimulate the brain’s intellect, emotions and memory. Our proprietary approach combines the latest in human-computer interaction research, cognitive research, and adult learning methodologies.

What we don’t do

At DigitalWits we don’t do data dumps or  have learners sit through painful text-heavy courses. (Ugh!) Clicking buttons is NOT interactivity. Answering a few multiple-choice questions is not feedback! Memorization is not the path to behavior change. In short, we don’t do boring, ineffective “page turner” eLearning programs because they just don’t work.

The end result

Our team uses fun, humor, simulation environments and multi-media to create an engaging and immersive learning experience. Learners can make decisions and see the results of those decisions in our simulations—providing real-life experiences and meaningful feedback to problem-solving approaches. Gaming and avatars that interact with learners add to the fun.