Simulation Environments: Sales Immersion

Simulation Enviroments

As part of my “Selling Against Tough Competition” eLearning series for a market “underdog” cell phone manufacturer, this module trained sales associates to help customers identify their “personal value proposition” when selecting a cell phone, with those value propositions tied to the features of the company’s phones. The program was a vendor training initiative by the manufacturer in an effort to encourage retail associates to highlight the benefits of this company’s phones over some of the market leaders. In this interactive scenario, two 2D animated avatars were used; one represented the customer and the other, a sales associate. Through customer interactions, the sales avatar asked questions and made recommendations. The learner had to identify if the sales avatar’s response was the correct one to get closer to the sale. Multiple branching scenarios illustrated what would happen (how the customer would react) if the sales associate made the incorrect choices.

Result: Six weeks after sales associates at a nationwide retail chain took these training, sales of the client’s cell phones increased an average of 17% nationwide, with one local Texas market realizing a 62% increase over previous levels!