Interactive Games: Sales Training Travel Game


What can you do when road warriors within your company either don’t know or simply ignore corporate travel policies? You create a game to reinforce those travel policies! I did similar versions of this game for two different clients – one in the pharmaceutical industry and one in the insurance industry. The screen shot here represents the insurance industry program. The purpose of the game was to ensure sales associates knew, and adhered to, the corporate travel policy. The objective of the game was for learners to travel from one destination to another while using the company’s preferred travel vendors, staying within budget, properly completing a corporate travel profile, accurately completing and submitting travel expenses in the proper format—AND getting to the client meeting on time! For each correct activity, the learner would advance one travel segment closer to his or her destination; for each incorrect activity, the learner would encounter a major “travel delay.” The game was timed so if the learner did not make it on time to the meeting, he or she would lose the sale and have to schedule and take another trip. The learner also could view his or her travel budget allotment and keep track of expenditures in the game. Learner final scores were compared to all who took the game, and the three learners who got to their destinations in the fastest times using the least amount of their budget in the game were given a paid day off as a bonus prize!

Result: The game not only created a lot of interest, good-natured competition and fun, but also achieved the objective of making the travel police guidelines “stick” with learners, as corporate travel expenditures decreased 23% in the 12-month period post training.