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Comic Panel InteractionsComic Panel Interactions Comic Panel InteractionsComic Panel Interactions

How do you get younger mangers (Generation X and Y) to understand the complexities of business and leadership skills? You speak in their language and create a program in a graphic novel format – a format that business and educational experts say is one of the most effective methods of teaching business concepts to Millenials  and Gen X.

What is a graphic novel? Think of it as a comic book with a meatier storyline. It is a format embraced by Millennials, and is exactly what I used to help my chemical industry client train new, young managers in critical leadership skills.

The online, interactive graphic novel followed the trials and tribulations of a young woman recently promoted to a management position, while weaving key leadership skills throughout the storyline. This interactive graphic novel also incorporated branching scenarios where the learner could make decisions for our protagonist, and the story would take a different turn based on the selections made by the learner.

Result:  The graphic novel proved the perfect mix between training, entertainment and engagement for the Millennial Managers who quickly grasped the leadership skills needed to succeed in their new roles.  I also did very similar graphic novel eLearning program for a large international bank to teach security procedures to bank tellers.