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Here are several full-length samples of my work, including: gamification, interactive, game-based videos, interactive graphic novels, animated Pixar-Like movies and augmented reality.

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This is an overview video of a  gamification portal I created for a pharmaceutical company.




For all samples below, my role included:

  • Creative concept
  • Instructional Design
  • Script Writing
  • Programming (in samples where it was included. Mostly used JavaScript for scoring in gamified challenges, as well as JQuery and sprites for the Sam Hugo course to change the health monitors)
  • Animation
  • Voice over (for the “CAT-Astrophe” gamified challenge, where I was the voice of BOTH the female AND male voices. Ahhh..the magic of audio manipulation software. :))
  • Instructional Development in Storyline 2 (for samples where that was used.)
  • Producer (choosing music scores)
  • Directing (Blocked and directed video for Sam Hugo course)
  • Editing (Video and Audio editing for all courses.)
  • Copywriting (Wrote the promotional and descriptive copy that you see accompanying each sample below.)


SAMPLE #2: (An animated, Pixar-like movie)

Video Overview: Bo and Inspector Atom:

Getting Serious About Clinical Trial Breaches

What do you get when a syringe-wielding pill with an attitude meets a by-the-book regulatory inspector? A comical exploration of serious clinical trial breaches! In this animated short, Bo is the clinical trial drug personified and the good inspector is there to teach Bo a thing or two about how to identify and report serious trial breaches. This course includes an animated 2D movie, followed by a short game-based exercise where YOU get to identify clinical breaches.

Click the video to launch the first part of the course. After watching the video click the “Launch” button to view the follow-up module.

[SIDE NOTE: The company initially presented me with a 37-page bullet-point-laden PowerPoint slide deck on this topic, and asked me just to “pretty up” the slide deck. But we realized that no PowerPoint deck, no matter how “pretty” will engage an audience.–especially on a topic as dry as FDA and MHRA clinical trial regulations. That’s when we came up with the animated video with a story line, fun characters, an engaging music score and humorous audio and visual effects to drive home the key points.]



SAMPLE #3:  (Interactive game-based assessment challenge)

Module 1 follow up: (Assessment after the “Bo and Inspector Atom” video.)

Regulatory CAT-astrophe:

Avoiding serious breaches in clinical trials.

 The devious talking Cat (as in CAT-astrophe) has one mission: to stalk and snigger as you choose your avatar, try to unlock the secret vault, take on the role of regulatory investigator, and solve cases of serious clinical trial breaches. Your only shield against the cat: a washed-up former inspector who had one too many run-ins with that frenzied feline. Can you solve the cases and avoid a CAT-astrophe? Or, will your career as an inspector come to a “breaching halt”? Play this interactive game to find out if you can outsmart the cunning cat to avoid a regulatory CAT-astrophe!

NOTE: This was the first module in a series of progressively more difficult modules. (For example, the case of the Irish trial in this module was fairly simple and straight-forward. But it subsequent modules, we added various twists that make the choice more difficult. One such “twist” was a clinical trial subject in Dublin, Ireland. Although Ireland is part of the UK, and subject to serious breach reporting, Dublin is in Northern Ireland, which is NOT subject to reporting. This is just one example of how we made the subsequent modules more difficult. Each module was part of a progressive gamified solution where learners would “unlock” new challenges after successful completion of current modules.

Click the “Launch” button to launch the course.

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SAMPLE #4: (Interactive, Game-Based Graphic Novel, complete with engaging storylines)

Three Security Guards and an Inspector

Or, “How to Get an Inspector Out of the Lobby.”

 Brandon Morrow is a new security officer who’s well-trained in handling criminals, threats and standoffs. What he’s not prepared for is a visit from regulatory inspector Tom Atom. Brandon’s mission is to get  Inspector Atom out of the lobby as soon as possible, to prevent the Columbo-like sleuth from nosing around too much—possibly uncovering damaging information. In this interactive graphic novel, Brandon gets conflicting advice from his two security-guard co-workers, and it’s up to you to show Brandon the best way to handle the inspector, without raising any red flags.  


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SAMPLE #5: (Interactive, Game-Based Course on Intellectual Property Patents for Scientists)

Can I Patent This

Or, “How to Determine Whether Your Idea or Discovery Has Patent Potential.”

Can you identify a patent-able idea and navigate through the internal challenges of the patent process? Find out in this fast-paced, fun, interactive game-based adventure. NOTE: This is only a partial demo, as some parts of the course contained proprietary client information, which we do not have permission to share.

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SAMPLE #6: (Interactive, Story-based Course on Intellectual Property Patents for Scientists)


A journey though the patent process, once you have identified an idea as patent-able. 

You’ve mastered how to identify whether an idea is patentable or not, but now you have to navigate the other aspects of innovation: When to publish you      discovery in scientific journals (and when not to), what types of data to include for FDA approval, and how to protect your idea from external competitors before your patent is approved. (This is an advanced course, with “Can I Patent This” as a pre-requisite.)

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SAMPLE #7: (De-Stressing Sam Hugo)

De-Stressing Sam Hugo

A game-based interactive movie.

What makes your heart beat faster than the eyelids of a flirt, and stirs up more dust than a rooster in a hen-house? DE-STRESSING SAM HUGO! (Thank goodness it’s only a movie!) In this parody of an FDA inspection interview, presentation-queasy Clinical Ops Program Manager Sam Hugo is put through the ringer by shrewd FDA investigator Dustine Duncan. Will Sam overcome his glossophobia and outwit the clever Dustine? Or, will the sagacious Investigator leave Sam tongue-tied and send his heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels into the “Code Blue” zone–causing him to face-plant the interview? It’s all up to you, as YOU control the outcome of the movie.

Please be patient. Due to the complexity of this program, it may take awhile to load. 🙂 

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SAMPLE #8: SoccerCom


The Game of Britishisms vs. Americanisms

Having trouble understanding your colleagues from across the pond? Then play this game to test your knowledge of British and American terms and slang.

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SAMPLE #9: Wii-Like Live Game

Cancer Smash

This video is a demonstration of  a Wii-like game I created using Kinect gesture recognition technology. In the game, the player takes on the role of the cancer-fighting drug developed by the company. The objective is for the “drug” (the player) to “smash” as many of the invading cancer cells (represented by the blue cells) as it can before they reach the healthy cells (represented by the pink cells) in the body.

The game debuted at the company’s Science Fair and was so well received that they commissioned me to create an online version of the game, which I am working on currently.

Here is a video of an employee playing the game.



Sample #10: Augmented Reality.

For a continuing education program for ophthalmologists, I designed, developed and programmed an Augmented Reality (AR) app to add a three-demensional training aspect to journal articles. In this example, using the app, ophthalmologists could point their smartphones at an article lasik dangers in a print magazine, online article, or newpaper article, and a three-demensional eye would populate over the article. Doctors could then manipulate the 3-D eye (rotate it) and, using virtual surgical tools in the app, perform a virtual lasik operation. Twelve articles in total were programmed into the app, allowing doctors to experience the article topic in 3D augmented reality.

Augmented Reality used to train ophthalmologists.

Augmented Reality used to train ophthalmologists.


Sample 11: Augmented Reality Promotion for Gamification Portal.

To promote the in-house FDA compliance gamificaiton protal, I created a series of scientific characters on baseball card-sized, heavy stock paper. These cards were distributed at company meetings. When employees download the Layar app and point their smartphones at the baseball card, the character on the card becomes animated, and begins speaking to the employee. A link populates in the app for employees to then directly visit the gamification portal.


Augmented Reality makes this static character come to life with the app.

Augmented Reality makes this static character come to life with the app.



Sample 12: “Compliance Theater: Five-Minute Mysteries.”

Taking advantage of the current trend in mini-mobile learning, I created a podcast series of “Five-Minute Mysteries” to teach FDA compliance to scientists at a biotech company. Each episode contained an FDA compliance violation, and the “mystery” to be solved was “whodunit” (how the violation happened in the company.).  I wrote, developed and produced each podcast in the style of the old CBS Radio Mysteries–complete with suspensful music, sound effects and professional voice actors. Because of the proprietary nature of the podcast content, I am unable to upload a podcast example, but below is the poster I created to promote the podcasts to internal audiences.

Compliance Theater




In addition to course development, DigitalWits also does internal marketing and promotional campaigns to generate interest for courses, game portals, and other eLearning initiatives. Below are links to some promotional videos we wrote, produced and developed to market a regulatory compliance gamification portal we developed, as well as some course marketing videos.







Informational Videos

In addition to promotional videos, we also create many “fun fact” videos for learning portals. Below are just a few of those videos.





Training Videos

Sometimes you just need a quick informational video, with no interactivity, to get your learning objective achieved. Here are a few sample training videos.